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>I want to see Netscape succeed, but when you hear about things like product
>being released on the net without warning those people responsible for
>supporting it, bug reports being ignored so a ship date can be made, and the
>like, it makes you really wonder.  I am finding problems with 2.0b1 that
>could have been found just by using the product for a couple of days!  Most
>of the problems I have seen with Netscape could be solved with better
>communications between departments within the company and some strong
>testing procedures.
I totally agree with this. There are an awful lot of GPFs I've been experiencing with 2.0 that I never experienced with 1.2, and I am still trying to figure out that cause. The first one happened like 5 minutes after I ran the program whilst it was loading the Netscape homepage! Another irritating one that should have been caught is the download time indicator. When I download a file, the estimated time taken is shown in hours!

These trivial problems are really quite inexcusable, and should've been caught with good quality assurance before it even went out the door.