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   10-15-95. NYPaper:

   "Law Enforcement and Privacy Interests Clash on

      The legality of mobil data terminals, which put records
      at the fingertips of officers in their cars, is in
      question. Some other machines could well be props in a
      James Bond movie: long-range eavesdropping devices that,
      placed in a briefcase, pick up conversations a football
      field away, or infrared radar monitors that, mounted on
      a car, can detect weapons on a person a half-mile away.
      For law enforcement officials, they are new-generation
      weapons in the war on crime that enable the police to
      better protect the public, even at the expense of a
      little privacy. But for civil libertarians, they conjure
      Orwellian images of Big Brother armed with technologies
      that are subject to abuse and prone to error.

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