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Re: Idea Futures

At 11:40 AM 10/15/95, [email protected] wrote:
>On Sun, 15 Oct 1995, Timothy C. May wrote:
>> (Some of his game theory simulations--on betting markets and
>> preference-revealing--were a main inspiration for the "Crypto Anarchy Game"
>> I put on at the first Cypherpunks meeting in '92.)
>How did that work out anyway? What were the rules and usual outcomes?
>(Got a file on it anywhere? In your faq?)
>Sounds like something that'd be nice to implement over the net. Great way
>to get everyone's productivity reduced to zero. (insert wry smile)

To educate the folks about the technologies now more common (mixes, digital
cash, information markets, data havens...), we simulated on paper these
things. For example, certain people were randomly assigned the role of
being a "mix" (remailer), with envelopes addressed to them being openable
only by them, and with them then remailing to the next destination.

The game went on for about 5 hours, amidst much confusion and hilarity, and
helped to show people how ecologies of anonymous and pseudonymous entities
could interact.

--Tim May

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