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Re: airport security

Crypto relevance: none.

>I remember back during one of the previous FAA panics over terrorism.  I was
>at the Portland airport discussing the measures with an FAA inspector.  He
>explained why they had to have all the searches and stuff to stop anyone
>from blowing up the plane.  I pointed out to him that if anyone wanted to do
>that, they would just lay off a line of mortars from the hills overlooking
>the airport across the river.  He got very quiet and very worried...

Heh, one of our products gets a direct feed from the radar and flight track
info and displays it on a real time screen showing planes, noise levels and
other cutesy stuff in 3d. This sort of thing would be picked up and you could
replay over and over the dot of the mortar hitting the plane, or a SAM missile
coming up to the plane and both falling to the ground.

Normal use is for telling off pilots for flying outside the environmental
guidelines, or attaching resident complaints to flights but we have the odd
scare sitting in the databases. Problem is (??) that since Australia has such
high safety standards, we have to get all the booboo's from our international

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