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Re: airport security

 Futplex writes:
>DCF writes:
>[re: shwoing picture ID to board commercial flights in the U.S.]
>> I wonder how many have challenged this.  

>Any pointers to news articles or govt. press releases that actually state
>some rationale for the ID checks, however spurious ?

>> I suppose they are trying to discourage people from buying tickets in 
>> false names so that the databanks can be more useful to the authorities.

>It's bad enough that it is "illegal" (at least according to some recent ARC 
>flight coupons of mine) to sell or otherwise transfer your tickets to someone
>else. I'd love to see them try to justify crap like that.

   Without actually agreeing with the FAA, the reason you can't have a name
   other than your own on your ticket, as well as why you are required to
   be in your assigned seat on take-off and landing is because if there is 
   a plane crash, they need to be able to identify an otherwise difficult
   to identify body. This does have some relevance to airport security if
   a plane is blown up.

                                 Sorry about this,