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Re: Netscape rewards are an insult


In article <[email protected]>,
Dr. Frederick B. Cohen <[email protected]> wrote:
> 	The idea that Netscape (like Microsoft) thinks they can get free
> testing services from all over the net by real experts just by offerring
> a tee shirt is down right offensive.

But (amusingly enough) they can get free testing services from this
aspiring student for free just by providing source code.  Hey, it's fun! :-)
I'm no expert, but you get what you pay for. <grin>

[Psst: anyone wanna offer source code to the security modules?]

I do think their ``bug bounty'' system is an improvement -- at least
they're showing some concern for security, and beginning to admit
that outside review of security-critical code is...well...critical.

Still, I do agree that they really oughta be employing true experts
to carefully evaluate their system, if they wanna claim anything about
its security.
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