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Re: Netscape rewards are an insult

   All praise to Jeff and his fellow programmers for sharing
   the struggle to come up with stronger cypto, but, no praise
   at all to Netscape's front office guys bullshitting the
   stock holders and speculators. Check the press releases and
   the speeches to customers and investors.

   Scott McNealy shocked an audience into silence at a recent
   plush meeting of high-tech reps with investors by asking,
   "Anybody telling the truth here?" Then applause broke out 
   his shrewd beat-em-to-the-punch candor to offset the
   pervasive cynicism of oft-burned high-tech investors.

   Big bucks are not made by hard-working programmers but by
   the marketeers of NASDAQ and NYSE smoke and mirrors used to
   lure multitudes of unsavvy investors and Internet

   Netscape's leaders are protecting its major stockholding
   coldhearts, just like Microsoft, Intel, Motorola, AT&T,
   and the rest do, or they die in the financial fuck-the-
   public sharkpool. They couldn't care less about the bottom-
   of-the-ladder techies who do the grunge work, take the
   blame for programming mistakes produced under
   horrendous marketing deadlines, and then are left to
   commiserate with each other and gnaw knuckles.

   That's the joy and sorrow of this reading list, the ancient
   story, talented people working their asses off for sons of
   bitches who think employees are contemptible, disposable or
   bribeable for cheap change and backpats -- and easily
   replaceable on shore or off. Jeff's not alone in this bind.