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Re: Netscape rewards are an insult

John Young wrote:
>    That's the joy and sorrow of this reading list, the ancient
>    story, talented people working their asses off for sons of
>    bitches who think employees are contemptible, disposable or
>    bribeable for cheap change and backpats -- and easily
>    replaceable on shore or off. Jeff's not alone in this bind.

  I don't share your cynical view of the world.  Having worked for
a year at IBM, I know what that side is like.  I feel pretty strongly
that all employees should have ownership and a vested interest in
the company.  At the last three companies I've worked for, every
employee has had stock options.  I think that companies exist
where management holds the view that you mention, but there are
also companies that value the contributions of their employees.


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