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Re: Netscape rewards are an insult

John Young wrote:
> Responding to msg by [email protected] ("Josh M. Osborne")
> on Sun, 15 Oct 12:0  AM
> The PR of Bugs Bounty is the aim, as the quick-market-adapter
> Netscape Chair speechified in FR.
> Promoting the notion that hackers are earnestly attacking
> Netscape and reporting its bugs increases its credibility to
> the stock market porkers. Is that not why dear
> all-too-attentive Jeff has been assigned duty on this list,
> feeding peanuts to chimp hackers and champ newshacks?

  I have not been "assigned duty" on this list.  I'm here of my
own free will.  I want to keep up on whats going on in the
cypherpunk world, and sometimes tap the expertise of the list.
I'm not some corporate flack assigned here to "feed the chimps".
My personal feelings definitely lean toward unimpeded strong
crypto, personal privacy, freedom from govt. surveilence, etc.,
and I was interested in this stuff at a personal level before
joining netscape, or working on security stuff.


Jeff Weinstein - Electronic Munitions Specialist
Netscape Communication Corporation
[email protected] - http://home.netscape.com/people/jsw
Any opinions expressed above are mine.