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Re: Netscape question transformed

[email protected] wrote:
> After emailing the company more than two days ago, I would hope that a
> communications channel would have been opened, or alternatively I would
> have held out a hope that someone from Sun or Netscape might have made an
> official comment here or publically.  I would have expected something
> other than a stone-walling silence.
> My Friday the Thirteenth post obviously has people shaken. Clearly, Friday
> was not the day to comment about this serious problem.  There was no
> utility in causing panic and disrupting trading in Netscape stock,
> especially in a market that can only be characterized as frothy.  But now
> here we stand, many hours and days later, with the questions raised
> remaining unaddressed, and with my copyright restriction on my Friday
> post hereby, and herein explicitly waived.

  I'm not really sure what you are talking about.  Are you referring
to the bugs that were reported here, and have since been fixed, or
are you talking about something new.

  Who at netscape did you e-mail?

  What Friday the Thirteenth post are you referring to?


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