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Re: PA Remailer Concerns

At 2:13 AM 10/16/95, Futplex wrote:

>I would very much like to see this law tested. I think it could prove fairly
>important to attack it with a well-planned, benign test case rather than wait
>for the next National Liberation spam or a death threat.
>I don't live in PA, but I would be willing to participate as the defendant in
>a test case under the right circumstances. Presumably I would open an
>account with an ISP in Penna., set up a remailer on the account (need to find
>an ISP that clearly allows that), and have somebody send a message through it.
>We would need to design a promising test case and find an attorney willing &
>able to offer pro bono services.

I'm not a lawyer, though I hang out on the "Cyberia" list and I watched a
lot of the OJ trial. :-}

Seriously, it is hard to "design a promising test case" in this way.
They--the Pennsylvania law enforcement authorities--don't have to take the
bait. They can just do nothing, until an incident arises which provokes
them. Maybe next year, maybe five years from now. Such an incident is
likely to be one that they figure will make for a popular prosecution. One
of the Four Horseman, probably.

--Tim May

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