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Re: PA Remailer Concerns (and one very stupid joke)

On Mon, 16 Oct 1995, Mark wrote:

> More likely the law will be used when a remailer operator wont play ball with
> the local LEA and surrender any existing logs. Then the LEA can simply throw
> the operator into a court under this legislation.

Make fake logs. A random log generator with the e-mail addresses of the 
country's state, municipal and federal legislators, schoolchildren and a 
random sampling of the (*!ahem!*) tamer usenet groups would make for an 
excellent seed file. 

I really don't see there being very much enforcement following an initial case.

It would do wonders for Nobody, an12345 and Tommy de Tourist's (as Tim's sig 
puts it) reputations, wouldn't you say?

> The above opinions are rumoured to be my own. 
You aren't sure either, eh?

On the banque des cypherpunks front, I recently pinged cthulhu.com as a joke.
It worked. One wonders if the offshore and underwater Ryleh inc. is 
passing itself off as a PPP account as it prepares to resurface. They're
just waiting for a sign. I know who my banker's gonna be. Somehow I don't
think US jurisdiction extends just that far. Takes care of black 
securities & banking probs too. Who'd dare to cross the big boss?

(looking forward to anonymous, untraceable, digital ftagn$)