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A quick update on the Association's upcoming seminar.

As many of you know, on Saturday, November 4, 1995, the Association of
Federal Defense Attorneys (AFDA) will be presenting a one-day seminar for
defense attorneys entitled, "What Every Defense Attorney Should Know About
The Federal Bureau of Prisons."  The seminar will be held at the Los Angeles
Airport Marriott Hotel, from 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  

The purpose of the program is to provide defense attorneys with two avenues
of insight into BOP. The first, which covers the morning and part of the
afternoon, focuses on the administrative/policy-oriented makeup of the
agency, and the defense attorney's strategic application of these rules.
 Speakers from the BOP, private defense bar and Federal Public Defenders
Office will cover the following subjects: 

1. Types of BOP facilities, including the key operating features of the USP,
FCI and camp.

2. The flow chart of key players in BOP administration that attorneys should
be familiar with, including the Community Corrections Manager, Community
Corrections Staff, Regional Designator, and the legal offices at the various
facilities and regional offices such as Dublin, Ca.

3.The BOP documentation system, which has its own unique classification and
numbering system.  This topic includes special attention to the key documents
most likely to affect defense attorneys, such as Program Statements,
Operations Memoranda, and Directives.

4. The key BOP terms that attorneys should be familiar with in order to
communicate more effectively with staff and understand better the agency's

5. How to anticipate where the defendant will serve his/her sentence and
secure a favorable outcome (to the degree possible).  This subject includes:

Designation of place of confinement
Custody classification
Institutional transfer and redesignation

6.  Sentence computation (calculating release dates)
7. How to efficiently contact appropriate staff on matters of concern
8. Intensive Confinement Centers (boot camp)
     The second prong of the seminar, which covers about two hours in the
afternoon, focuses on the "grass-roots" perspective of the federal inmate, in
terms of basic facts about federal incarceration that lawyers need to pass on
to their clients before the clients are designated to a facility.  The
speakers will be two former inmates who have done time at camps and FCIs.  

If you would like a fax-flyer for the program, email us a short note at
[email protected]