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Re: Netscape rewards are an insult

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Subject: Re: Netscape rewards are an insult

> > Promoting the notion that hackers are earnestly attacking
> > Netscape and reporting its bugs increases its credibility to
> > the stock market porkers. Is that not why dear
> > all-too-attentive Jeff has been assigned duty on this list,
> > feeding peanuts to chimp hackers and champ newshacks?


> I'm afraid you're a little out of line here.
> I've worked with Jeff at a couple different companies
> over the last 6 years.  Besides being a very good programmer
> he's also one of the people I consider the most resistant
> to corportate bullstuff (beleive me, we both got a lot of it at MicroUnity).
> I'm sure he's on this list because he thinks it's a good
> idea to pay attention to it.

Maybe he is, but I'd rather hear everyone speak for themself.  You can
speak for you.  And you can let Jeff speak for himself.  And I'd rather
that Netscape speak for itself, too.

Is Jeff or any of the other netscape posters here officially??

Or are they here, just out of personal curiosity (without their employers
knowledge, I mean ...) cause they have a whole lot of spare time on their
hands to learn about cryptography and security.

I wish one of them (or Netscape) would make an official comment to make
sure that the record is straight, and that there is no mis-reporting.

> What the hell is wrong with you people?  Up 'til a few months
> ago, the oft-heard refrain on cipherpunks was "why won't the
> software vendors listen to us?"... now they're listening,

Yep, they seem to be listening.  They just don't seem to be talking.

Can someone say something, please??  Is it true that:

        - Netscape has known about this problem since last week's
          scathing public attack and demonstration of the problem
          which included sample code posted to the Internet??

        - If you run and use a Netscape client, that any machine
          anywhere in the world if it's on the Net could retrieve
          all of the files off of your hard drive or LAN??

          Or even worse ... erase files on your Hard drive and
          wipe you out??

        - Even if your machine is behind a firewall or proxy server,
          that there is no protection??  That you can't do anything??

Can someone comment, please??

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