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San Diego Cypherpunks Physical Meeting

San Diego Area CPUNKS symposium  Thursday, Oct 26, 1995

   Invitation to all Cypherpunks to join the San Diego crowd at "The Mission
Cafe & Coffee Shop" were I hope to get an update of Lance Cottrell's new
anonymous e-mail server, "mixmaster", exchange keys, and discuss other
topical subjects.

   Don't forget to bring your public key  fingerprint.  If you can figure
out how to get it on the back of a business card, that would be cool.  

Place: The Mission Cafe & Coffee Shop
       3795 Mission Bl in Mission Beach.


Their Directions:
	8 west to Mission Beach Ingram Exit
	Take west mission bay drive
	Go right on Mission Blvd.

	On the corner of San Jose and mission blvd.
	It is located between roller coaster and garnett.
	It's kind of 40s looking building...  funky looking 
        (their description, not mine)

They serve stuff to eat, coffee stuff, and beer.

See you there!

New guy, bring your fingerprint.

Drop me a note if you plan to attend.

 -- C  --

                                        ...  __o
                                       ..   -\<,
[email protected]   ...(*)/(*).          CI$: 76340.2422
PGP Pub Key fingerprint =  A8 FA 55 92 23 20 72 69  52 AB 64 CC C7 D9 4F CA
Avail on Pub Key server.