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Re: DalSemi: Add-Only Memory for Storage of Digital Cash

[email protected] writes:
>On Tue, 17 Oct 1995, Scott Brickner wrote:
>> Nathan Loofbourrow writes:
>> >And there's another item of note: each chip has a unique, etched,
>> >machine-readable serial number. What are the bets that Dallas
>> >Semiconductor can tell you who purchased that chip? Well, so much for
>> >an anonymous payment scheme based on *this* product.
>> Some enterprising cypherpunks can buy a bunch and resell 'em for cash.
>And then sell the serial address for cash.
>How do I know that they (this means YOU! :> ) don't work for the company?
>(which is a contracter for, blackmail-victim of, tentacle of NSA, CSE, 
>TCMAY, Purplenet, your fairy-stepmother ...)

Big deal.  NSA now knows "someone bought address X".

That's the great thing about cash you know... anonymity.