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Re: Postscript in Netscape

> > WRONG!!! Netscape claims to be "secure" - hence it is Netscape's job to
> > be secure - regardless of the user's use of their product.  Otherwise,
> > the ads should read:
> > 
> >         "Netscape can be used securely by sufficiently knowledgeable
> >         users who have emasculated their postscript interpreters before
> >         using them to view files of unknown origin, and who have removed
> >         all other known, unknown, and/or undisclosed security holes from
> >         their systems.  Otherwise, Netscape is insecure and should not be
> >         trusted."

	That's bullshit. Netscape can't control every user's entire
environment. It's Netscape's job to produce a secure product. If the
users of said product decide to shoot themselves in the foot by
configuring it insecurely that is there problem. It is in Netscape's
best interest to make it difficult to configure insecurely, but
impossible to prevent.

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