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Re: I want to learn!

>>Can someone please show me the ropes on becomeing a cypherpunk!!!! Thanxs.
>     Me Too, I'm catching on but some help would help !
>     [email protected]

 1)Read the FAQ (sorry.. don't have the address for it handy.. Tim, ya got
 2)Read up on crypto, politics and economics.. mighty dry reading for most,
but damn    useful around here.
 3)Practice safe encryption- Use PGP or any other encryption you are
comfortable with.
   But be sure to always use it. (Wrap that data)
 4)Develope a strong urge for privacy and then strongly fight to protect it.
This means
   you may have to write letters to Congress and the Senate, may have to
defend yourself
   to non-crypto orientated folks, and so on..
 5)Practice what you preach, and preach what you practice. Share the
knowledge with
   anyone who is interested..
 6)Send $10.50 to me for the genuine 'Cypherpunks Starter kit' which
includes a cheat
   sheet of really cool Jargon, a pair of black sunglasses, and high quality
laser reprints of the FAQ..
   mail that to: Cypherpunk
                 PO Box 288
                 Rockford, Wa 99030
<g> RobL

Rob Lowry         |                   
PO Box 288        | 
Rockford Wa 99030 | [email protected]           [email protected]