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Re: I want to learn!

>>From: [email protected]
>>Can someone please show me the ropes on becomeing a cypherpunk!!!! Thanxs.
>     Me Too, I'm catching on but some help would help !
>     [email protected]

Okay, places to start.

Go to the cypherpunks ftp site ftp.csua.berkeley.edu/pub/cypherpunks
and look around.  TCMay's "Cyphernomicon" FAQ is a must, although
it's really really big.  It's been Weblinked somewhere, but I
fail to recall.  It's also been ZIPped somewhere.

Buy Bruce Scheiner's (sp?) "Applied Cryptography."  Actually,
don't.  A new Second Edition is coming out next month.

Read the list, hopefully not posting lame newbie messages
like "I want to learn how to be a cypherpunk!!!!"