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ABA Draft Digital Signature Guidelines Open for Comment

The long-delayed ABA draft digital signature guidelines are now available 
for public comment.  This is potentially an important document, and is 
worth some time for those interestested in the legal and economic effects 
of digital signatures.  An internet version and more info can be found at:


The comment period ends Nov 30, 1995, so don't delay.

Due to the ABA's Section on Science and Technology's fear that its
intellectual property will be ripped off, the document is in a strange
"read-only" format, relying on the "Common Ground Mini-Viewer".  The
program has been designed to prevent users from printing their own copy of
the document.  Paper copies can be ordered from the ABA for $15 (see
website for details). 

I would apologize on behalf of the ABA Information Security Committee for
this user-unfriendly method of distributing the document (it certainly
makes quoting from it in your comments difficult!), but the Chair of the
Committee, Michael Baum, unilaterally removed me from the Committee a few 
days ago.

I nonetheless urge you to read this interesting document. 

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