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Re: 50 attacks on Netscape - please send the check

> 50 Attacks: a.k.a. Why Not to Run Hot Java in your netscape (or
> other) browser:
> Concept 1 - Hot Java code that, once started, takes and retains
> control of the viewer.  It includes hot buttons, etc.  that let you
> use common resources on the net, store favorite places, etc.  When
> you push any button in this window, it simulates Hot Java within its
> own code, but all reads and writes contain code to restart the
> program (such as the "remember favorite places" button, etc.).

You are obviously disillusioned/ignorant about how the java runtime
enviroment works, and what is possable with with its base class
libraries. I'll bet that you have never ever read the programming
guide or the virtual machine specs, and I encourage you to do so
before you embarass yourself even more.


P.S. Coming Soon! 50 things that could happen to flying pigs!