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Re: airport security

DCF writes:
[re: shwoing picture ID to board commercial flights in the U.S.]
> I wonder how many have challenged this.  

During the California-wide Unabomber scare a few months back (before the LAX-
specific scare), someone on the list said they planned to test it at SJC. I 
think it was Dana Orfeo. The trip report has never surfaced, though. 

(Dana ?  Are you there ?)

> I don't see that ID has anything to do with attack threats in any case.  

Neither do I. 

I've seen several articles on the new FAA "security" measures, none of which
offers any explanation from anyone as to why ID checks make anything more

Any pointers to news articles or govt. press releases that actually state
some rationale for the ID checks, however spurious ?

> I suppose they are trying to discourage people from buying tickets in 
> false names so that the databanks can be more useful to the authorities.

It's bad enough that it is "illegal" (at least according to some recent ARC 
flight coupons of mine) to sell or otherwise transfer your tickets to someone
else. I'd love to see them try to justify crap like that.

-Futplex <[email protected]>