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Re: [NOISE] Re: Postscript in Netscape

> (b) flame one Netscape employee for not knowing everything you know?  If
> there are all of 5+ refereed publications in this area, how about giving
> references?  It would take up less space than your recurring venom eruption!
> Or couldn't you understand the papers, given that you couldn't understand
> the news clip...

I tried to take this discussion off line with the Netscape employee, but
he brought it back by CCing the list.  The references are available on
my W3 server (see the URL below) and searchable along with 350+ other
references on information security, most of them annotated.

In terms of taking up space, your replies to the list take up space as
well.  If you want me to list references for you, send me email without
CCing the rest of the list, and I will send you more than you are likely
to want to read.

The people at Netscape STILL have not told those of us on the list what
is meant by "security" in their claims.  Does it include integrity?
Confidentiality?  Availabillity?  Reduced liability?  Something else?
I await an responsive answer.

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