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[NOISE], period

|   From [email protected] Wed Oct 18 20:55:59 1995
|   Subject: Re: 50 attacks... [NOISE]
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|   Dr. Cohen wrote:
|   Boy, you people just don't appreciate anything that has a little bit of
|   humor mixed with a little bit of reality. 

It's that 'little bit of reality' that concerns me.

|   2 - I can't believe that you all think that aplets (a.k.a.  downloadable
|   programs at the push of a button) will make you safe.  The "we will only
|   run trusted applets and they will all be secure" attitude is 180 degrees
|   off base from my view.

I think it is a misstatement to say that any of us believe that applets
will "make us safe". I believe that applets, combined with the ability to
configure your local browser such that it scans all incoming programs for 
security exceptions, combined with the ability to completely remove those 
classes which allow risky things to occur, combined with the opportunity
to utilize these technologies within trusted channels (i.e., internal nets)
in order to reduce load on our web servers, etc. is an enormous breakthrough.
As such, we are taking our time to review the manner in which the classes
are structured, the VM is structured, and the security mechanisms are enabled.

This appears to be something which you refuse to do.

|   3 - I would have figured at least one of you would have looked up the
|   chosen plaintext attack and told me why Netscape keys can't be gotten
|   at this way.  I think there's an off change I could win a grand!

Here you reveal more about the poverty of your motives than you could
possibly imagine.

|   4 - If you just keep quiet, I may be able to get $50K out of Netscape
|   for a few minutes of typing.  If they can make a billion on hype, why
|   can't I make $50K?

Because you haven't done your homework.

|   8 - The first 50 flamers responding to this message get a free 1 Gigabyte
|   email message every day for the next week.  Anonymous remailers included.

Oh, I hope I'm still one of the first 50 (I doubt it). I'd love to see the
expression on the face of whoever runs your system. 

"You sent a 1Gb mail message through our mailer?!?"


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