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Re: 50 attacks... [NOISE]

Someone abused "Frederick B. Cohen"'s reputation by making him write :
 > > there is no way to do this in practice because as RSA-based signatures
 > > are actually implemented only hashes are signed.  This is done exactly to
 > > prevent this and similar attacks.
 > And how secure is the hash?
By design choice, "Very secure"...("the difficulty of coming up with
any message having a given message digest is on the order of 2^128
operationssee end") 
 > It it possible to create values that will
 > hash to each prime (or something else that does the job)?
 > Is the hash
 > something we can figure a way to precompute using massively parallel
 > processing so that we can then provide a set of codes which will produce
 > the desired results? (etc.)

Why wouldn't you try to answer the questions yourself before mailing
random thought ?
see RFC1321 The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm
and numerous reviews...

Maybe I was being just "tested" and should not have replied :/

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