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Re: airport security

At 05:25 AM 10/19/95 -0400, Futplex wrote:

>It's bad enough that it is "illegal" (at least according to some recent ARC 
>flight coupons of mine) to sell or otherwise transfer your tickets to someone
>else. I'd love to see them try to justify crap like that.

Find a friendly travel agent.  Roll the ticket stock out of the printer
before your ticket is printed.  Cross out and initial the offending terms.
Pay for the ticket and have it printed.

We call it negotiation.


"But my name *is* Dr. Fred C. Schwartz.  I changed it just before I got
these tickets from Dr. Fred C. Schwartz.  I asked him to get them for me.  I
may change my name back to Duncan Frissell after the flight."