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Re: airport security

At 07:16 AM 10/19/95 -0400, Bob Bruen, MIT Lab for Nuclear Science wrote:

>   Without actually agreeing with the FAA, the reason you can't have a name
>   other than your own on your ticket, as well as why you are required to
>   be in your assigned seat on take-off and landing is because if there is 
>   a plane crash, they need to be able to identify an otherwise difficult
>   to identify body. This does have some relevance to airport security if
>   a plane is blown up.

So, since planes were much more likely to crash in 1957 then they are now,
I suppose that you *really* must have had to prove your identity to get on a
plane in those days.


"Who wonders who's going to blow away the Gremlins eating the engines of
*today's* planes since the passengers have been disarmed."  Too much Outer
Limits/Twilight Zone/Science Fiction Theater as a kid.