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Ginetta Sagan to give Jing Lyman Lecture at Stanford

My apologies for cross posting this but she is really  a great speaker...


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>Subject: Ginetta Sagan to give Jing Lyman Lecture at Stanford
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>Jing Lyman Lecture on Visionary Women
>Women in the Resistance During World War II and After
>               Ginetta Sagan
>Honorable Chair, Amnesty International USA Board of Directors
>Time: Noon-1pm, Wednesday October 25
>Place: Oak East, Tresidder Union
>       Stanford University Campus, Stanford
>Sponsored by: Institute for Research on Women and Gender
>end official announcement and begin personal plug:
>For those of you who don't know, Ginetta Sagan, a participant in the Italian
>Resistance during the WW II, is the godmother of Amnesty activities in the Bay
>area and beyond. She is a spunky, dynamic woman, and a great storyteller. Even
>though the title of the talk is about the past, she promises to mention
>Amnesty's current concerns. When I last talked to her, she was on the phone
>with the IS researcher on Algeria, getting the latest scoop. I especially urge
>Stanford Amnesty members to come and see a local celebrity and a great human
>rights activist. (Her husband, Dr. Sagan, is a consulting professor at


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