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Re: airport security

"Bob Bruen, MIT Lab for Nuclear Science" <[email protected]> writes:

>    Without actually agreeing with the FAA, the reason you can't have a name
>    other than your own on your ticket, as well as why you are required to
>    be in your assigned seat on take-off and landing is because if there is 
>    a plane crash, they need to be able to identify an otherwise difficult
>    to identify body.

This is *not* how crash victim identification is done.  The FAR requirement
is only that passengers be _seated_ during takeoff and landing, not that
they be seated "where they're supposed to be."

In fact, many airlines do not assign seats at all.  First come first serve
for airlines like Southwest, ValuJet, Western Pacific, etc.

Actual victim identification varies from mundane (do they have a wallet
on their person, etc.) to rather more gristly methods.

>                                  Sorry about this,

Don't be sorry.

>                                       Bob


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