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Voicemail Security

Please see article <[email protected]> in 
news.admin.net-abuse.misc. It has also been cross-posted elsewhere.

I wonder how often Jeff checks his messages. It would be interesting, from
a purely academic perspective of course, to see if one could anonymously
drop off more information about Jeff and his clients at that number for
private distribution. For example, credit card, driver's license, and
social security numbers. I assume that Jeff is reading this group. 

How would Jeff go about protecting his voicemail box from this sort of
attack? How would *I* go about protecting *my* voicemail box from this 
kind of attack? 

 Whose list was also spammed, but only I got it because majordomo is set
 to bounce all messages from non-subscribers to the list owner. Btw, is
 this list set up this way?