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ADMIN: Cypherpunks list meltdown, temporary delay in postings

Somebody started forwarding every new cypherpunks message BACK to the
mailing list.  Each such message would, of course, trigger yet another
message back to the list, resulting in a runaway situation.  My guess
is that it's caused by a bug in a procmail script being run by one of
three people at io.com.  We're investigating.

Meanwhile to break the loop I am manually screening cypherpunks messages, 
which will result in multi-hour delays before your posting is seen by
the list (since I only look at new stuff every few hours).  I've yanked
the three suspect users, and can probably turn it all back on sometime
on Saturday.  If you have urgent messages to go out, cc them to me
personally and I'll probably notice them sooner.

By the way, Hugh and I will probably be upgrading our version of
Sendmail within the next few weeks, so you can possibly expect some
further funny behaviour while we test it.  I hope it isn't nearly as
funny as this last meltdown.

Don't worry, I didn't really write this message.  The NSA had a few
glitches in their MITM impersonation of toad.com, and posting this to
reassure you that everything is OK.  :-)