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Re: Hacking Digicash (was: Article on Digital Cash in "Worth")

> We should be keeping in mind that the goal here is to end up, in one way
> or another, with a _secure_ way of transacting on the net.  To that end,
> it may be necessary to demonstrate that some current products don't
> provide that way.  We certainly don't want people to be scared away
> from using one insecure product, only to use another, especially
> if the latter is less secure than the former.

	This is the goal, but one must make sure that one's work does
not work -against- one's goal. My original draft for the hack digicash
web page was rather inflammatory "hasn't netscape taught us anything?"
but upon consultation I decided to change it to be less inflammatory
and mention that digicash, in principle, is the best electronic
payment system on the net, and that we need to make sure it is the
best payment system -in practice-.

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