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Job Openings at Consensus (Mostly RSAREF related)

Heya all, thanks for the suggestions regarding 'dream features' for RSAREF.
The best thing is, we can actually do some of them, and have some
compromises for others. (We can't allow unlimited calls for instance, but
we do have a process for setting up new APIs so people can tie in to other
algorithms officially.) For those who are expecting mail from me regarding
licensing, hold in there. we had to clear up a couple misphrasings that
hadn't been caught. That's dealt with, and the contact looks clean... now
to just get the license up and ready. (Sorry, I really had thought it would
have been out to you all already.)

After all the discussion recently about rewards for crypto work, and such,
I thought this might interest some people. Between RSAREF and some other
projects it seems we can hire some more folk. This went out on the RSAREF
Announcement list, but I thought some of the people on Cpunk might be
interested. (Be warned though, we aren't a hard core development house, the
focus is on human focused electronic technologies, for which privacy, trust
and encryption are neccessary. Its why I enjoy the place, but it might not
be for everyone.) Anyway, if you have questions send them to me. If you
actually want to apply, send them to [email protected]




Consensus Development Corporation is a rapidly growing software development
and consulting firm in the privacy and security field. We are the exclusive
commercial licensor of the RSAREF toolkit and offer consulting and
development services to companies including Apple Computer, RSA Data
Security, VeriSign, Visa International, etc.

We need people for the following:

Lead Engineer
Candidate will lead a team of staff and outside contractors to develop
digital signature software. Candidate is expected to have experience with
encryption and privacy software. Experience in Windows and/or Mac
application and GUI design is required. General experience with BSAFE,
TIPEM, RSAREF, C++, cross-platform development, internet standards and
TCP/IP coding desirable.

Support Engineer
Candidate will be providing front-line technical support to our RSAREF
commercial licensees, integrating C code submitted by outside contributers
into RSAREF, as well as writing new technical documentation and FAQs for
new versions of RSAREF. This can be an entry-level position with only C
experience required, however, individuals with more experience is

We have several 2 to 3 month intern positions for work in the encryption
and internet standards areas, including porting of code supporting internet
standards across platforms, preparing internet-drafts of new standards, and
supporting our full-time engineering staff.