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Re: Don't Kill the Messenger--A New Slant on Remailers

On Fri, 20 Oct 1995, Timothy C. May wrote:

> Drives are cheap. I just saw a 1.2 GB for $195 (internal, PC). I suspect
> that anyone sweating over having only a MB to spare shouldn't be running a
> remailer.

The trouble is, I can't just add a 1.2 GB disk to my ISP and use it, I 
have to pay monthly for more space. In addition, it would be time-limited 
to three months or so in any case, as I'm going to be travelling and 
wouldn't be able to support it.

> (Not a slam against Mark, just a statement that there are certain minimal
> capabilities I'd expect to see, and not having free disk space is a serious
> problem.)

Yeah, I was mostly intending it to be a proof-of-concept, not really as an
operational remailer at this point. If it was available as a patch for
Mixmaster, say, then anyone who wanted to run such a remailer and had the
disk space available, would be able to do so. 

BTW, how would the ECPA apply to, say, bouncing non-PGP messages ? From 
the sound if it, doing that would be worse from a legal standpoint than 
not doing it, as it would imply I was censoring the mailfeed in some