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Re: Netscape rewards are an insult

>> 	The idea that Netscape (like Microsoft) thinks they can get free
>> testing services from all over the net by real experts just by offerring
>> a tee shirt is down right offensive.
>(major snip)   
>   And if the security bug you find is severe as defined by Netscape, and
>   hasn't been previously found, and can be reproduced by us, we'll write
>   you a check for $1000. 

Ha!  I reported a serious problem to Netscape ten days ago, on Thursday
the twelfth.  They haven't even returned an answer to my email yet nor
even acknowledged its receipt. 

Yep, I guess that their check is in the mail ....

Has anyone else seen or heard anything??  T-shirt's, mugs, checks, or 
email being returned or answered??

Alice de 'nonymous ...

                                  ...just another one of those...

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