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Re: require for new remailer list tag?

sameer suggests the creation of a new remailer list property, "permanent",
to denote a remailer expected by its operator(s) to persist indefinitely.

I'm curious about the potential sociological effects of such a move. I
imagine that pseudonyms would be attracted to "permanent" remailers for
use in their reply chains. But this phenomenon could/should be mitigated by
the possibility that sting remailers would tend to advertise themselves as
"permanent" (truthfully, even !), in anticipation of the bias in pseudonym
remailer chain inclusion.

Enemies of anonymity might specially target remailers claiming to be 
"permanent" for antisocial uses.

This is all similar to the effects (observed and supposed) of the existing
reliability ratings for remailers. But the sharp contrast of a binary 
property might make the effects more pronounced.

Perhaps it would be useful/meaningful to note the duration (or
starting date) of each remailer's term of operation, on the theory that past
survival is some indicator of the chances for continued existence.

Anyway, I think it would be an interesting experiment to try.

-Futplex <[email protected]>