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Re: FidoNet Remailer


RobL <[email protected]> writes:

> At 04:34 PM 10/20/95 -0400, Jim Cannell wrote:
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> >I have been a long time lurker on this list, as well as having a long time
> >interest in crypto.  Most of my activity in this area has been on FidoNet
> >rather than the internet.  Due to the control phreak nature of much of
> >FidoNet, I've spent a lot of time and effort in an attempt to just simply
> >route around the bastards.  I created the SecureMail system, which is a
> >network of FidoNet nodes that agree to route any and all traffic without
> >monitoring or censorship.  Within SecureMail, encrypted traffic is not
> >only permitted, it is encouraged.
> At the end of the month, I will be putting my BBS back online with new
> software which is more Fido friendly than what I had been using.. I would be

The Fido remailer appears to be drawing some interest. Fidonet is often
criticized (by me among many, many others) for being dull, provincial, and
dominated by power phreaks.

However, the Fidonet connectivity protocols have much to be admired from the
'punks perspective. Internet has great speed and bandwidth, but network
routing is "hardwired." Fidonet is frequently slow and narrowband, but
routing is much more flexible. The so-called "nodelist" contains the node
number (the equivalent of IP number), various technical parameters, and the
dial-up telephone number and availibility schedule at which e-mail/data calls
can be accepted.

Since the access number of every site in the network is known, you can send
e-mail directly to the destination site if you wish not to use standard,
fixed routing. This, plus call forwarding and laptops at pre-arranged
temporary locations, means Freeh's wiretap problem is now the need to monitor
every call at every ESS.  Hence, his curious request for huge wiretap

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