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Re: Hack DigiCash: Payee Anonymity

On Tue, 24 Oct 1995, Name Withheld by Request wrote:

> The  <--(blinding)--- payer <--(blinding)--- payee
> Bank --(unblinding)-> payer --(unblinding)-> payee --> payee spends money
> The payee generates some digital coins, blinds them, and sends them to the
> payer.  The payer then makes a withdrawl from his bank account, blinds the
> coins again (or not, it really doesn't matter) and sends them to the bank.

If the payer doesn't add a blinding factor, then the only blinding factor
is the one known to the payee.  The payee could reveal this blinding factor
to the bank, destroying the payer's anonymity.


> The bank signs them, and returns them to the payer.  The payer removes his
> blinding (if any) and sends them to the payee.  The payee unblinds the
> coins and spends them at his leisure.  Privacy for all involved.

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