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Re: Hack DigiCash: Payee Anonymity

David R. Conrad <[email protected]> wrote:

> If the payer doesn't add a blinding factor, then the only blinding factor
> is the one known to the payee.  The payee could reveal this blinding
> factor to the bank, destroying the payer's anonymity.

Right.  Both payer and payee should introduce their own blinding factors.

Now all we need is to do is get some specs on how DigiCash's software works
so that we can code this.  I expect that this method will become quite
popular.  To withdraw DigiCash, one must come up with $250 to start, sign a
bunch of forms, etc.  I suspect that most people would rather change money
in lesser amounts, probably under $50.  This opens up a huge market for
Blacknet money exchangers.  I would gladly pay Tim's Internet Cash Exchange
a commission to exchange $50 worth of greenbacks for Digicash instead of
dealing with Mark Twain and shelling out $250 to start..