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Mondex flaws? Re: Mark Twain Bank (was: Anonymity: A Modest Proposal)


	You mention architectural problems in Mondex. Do you have any hard info 
on the specs? I'm trying to find someone who does who is willing/able to talk.

	One thing that struck me was that each Mondi would need to have both the 
secret and public parts of a public key incorporated (if thats what they are 
doing) hence what is the advantage of public key? Yet they have an on chip 
modular exponentiation device on the new silicon rev...

	Looking at the secrecy stuff on Mondex, I suspect I would take the same 
approach, not to protect the core protection but so as to permit a gradual 
approach to penetration detection. I would expect some type of tripwire to be 
built into the device such that a fraud attempt apparently succeeds but 
indicates that there is a problem.