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Re: Remailer-in-a-Box, Everyone a Remailer

>Rather, a single physical machine site can and should be able to run many
>remailers, out of user accounts. (Accounts on systems like Sameer's C2. Or
>Hal's remailer running on Portal. Or maybe some of the Mixmaster clients.)

This also brings up the idea of 'opportunistic remailers' again (somebody
gimme a snazzy name for that) - a PC/Mac-based SMTPish server that isn't
always online. Shell accounts are becoming a piece of history for most
users; part-time dialup IP (ppp/slip) is the predominant connectivity layer.
A user could run an opportunistic remailer, and compile a list of other opp
remailers his server would poll in addition to the standard shell-based
'always up' remailers. Given a large enough list (ie, everyone on this list
ran this app in the background) there should be plenty of opp remailers
online and ready to relay at any given time to make this an effective model.
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