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re: Remailer-in-a-Box, Everyone a Remailer

I think someone claiming to be Jay Campbell wrote:

>Rather, a single physical machine site can and should be able to run many
>remailers, out of user accounts. (Accounts on systems like Sameer's C2. Or
>Hal's remailer running on Portal. Or maybe some of the Mixmaster clients.)

>This also brings up the idea of 'opportunistic remailers' again (somebody
>gimme a snazzy name for that) - a PC/Mac-based SMTPish server that isn't

  how about pop-ups?  This has a real future, I think.  It would be easy 
enough to leave one's pc logged in for a while (maybe even earn a little 
ebread with it?) and forward some mail around, after checking with the 
server to see if there were any new messages for the cypherpunks password 
screen saver or any anon posts to be remailed.


p.s. seems like the list is gettign a little hard-edged as TCMay pointed 
out recently.  Everybody jumping on everyone else, and on their products, 
too.  I want secure and powerful tools, too.  But it seems liek a feeding 
frenzy.  And as soon as someone posts on something a little askew, right 
back come the replies to cut the shit and get back on the topic.
I say lighten up.   <EOF>