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Re: Reformated: How secure....

Steve writes:
>     2. Re: the 9 digit key.
>         Partially why you misunderstand the strength of the 9 digit key 
> in PrivaSoft is b/c Graphical Encryption is very different form data 
> encryption.

That indicates to me that you don't understand anything at all about
cryptography. I'm not trying to be cruel. People around here have seen
me cruel. Its just that bits are bits and it doesn't matter what you
are encrypting. You seem to think that because images "need humans" to
determine if they make sense that you have somehow won -- in fact,
the statistics of real vs random images are so different that I can
hardly see how one could have an easier time of it.

Amateurs pretending that they are professionals going out and selling
snake-oil crypto are one of the biggest threats in our business. I
doubt that you are going to relent -- folks in your position have an
amazingly stubborn ability to ignore reality -- but I think anyone
buying your product is crazy.

> I fully believe 
> that if any of those who believe that PrivaSoft is a fly-by-night or 
> bogus product have not looked at or tried the software and therfore 
> speak from less than a knowledgable position.

Reading your messages is sufficient, actually. If I read something
from someone pretending to be a doctor and he notes that his new blood
thinning machine is useful for curing baldness, I don't really have to
try the product, now, do I.

I suspect it would take a real cryptographer very little effort to
break your system, but that no one will bother doing so because it
isn't really worth anyone's time.

> I have 
> personnally demonstrated are software to several key individuals in the 
> gov't, military, and corperate arenas both executive and technical 
> persons. All were impressed have taken the software back for further 
> testing.

Who cares? I know places where you can demonstrate psychic surgery and
get dozens of people to vouch for it.