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Re: Quick commercial package question

Jonathon Fletcher wrote:
|   There's a compression/archiving package on the Mac call Stuffit. It
| comes in the usual Lite (get free then register) and Deluxe (money first,
| product later) flavours. It offers, amongst it's options, an encryption
| option on a 'per archive entry'. This means you can have an archive with a
| mix of encrypted and unencrypted files and folders, all in the same
| archive. 
|   Question is - does anyone know anything about the strength or
| trustability of the encryption algorithm used ? It's freely exportable
| from the US (or so I thought) so it can't be DES. Is it (down) on a level
| with the MS Word or Wordperfect ciphers, or is it a little better ? How
| far should I trust it ? 

	Its a 40 bit watered down version of DES.  Stuffit 2 included
DES, so Aladdin is aware of strong crypto, but the cost of shipping
two versions was too high.


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