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RE: Verification of Registration

I have unsubscribed from this mailing list. Please remove my name from   
your personal address lists. Thanks.


From:  Scott Brickner[SMTP:[email protected]]
Sent:  Tuesday, October 24, 1995 2:09 PM
To:  x85849i1
Cc:  cypherpunks
Subject:  Re: Verification of Registration

"Raymond Val" writes:
>Lynne L. Harrison writes:
>>  Curious.  Did anyone else receive this unsolicitated *invitation*?
>Everybody who receives mail from [email protected] received this
>message becuase the message was addressed to
>[email protected]  Apparently someone may have
>joined this 'group' or service and used the cypherpunks address as
>the e-mail address.  Mayhap the [email protected] / cypherpunks
>This would be my guess, of course.

Mine too.
>Does anybody know what this service does?

C|NET Central is a cable TV show which reports on the 'net.  The
service is their on-line address where you can get more details
on stuff they report.

Doesn't seem to be especially c-punks related, but I guess someone
didn't like the idea of having to reveal his identity just to look
at a web page.  You can probably assume that the password for the
"cypherpunks" userid on the server is either "cypherpunks" or