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Re: Does your software?

	This is a failure in the (TCP wrappers?) that should be

	Since the service you are providing is available without any
authentication, there is no reason to match hostnames to IPs with a
double reverse lookup.

	Since your server is secure, what does it really matter where
the connections are coming from?  If netscape chooses to hide host
information, they should be allowed to.

	Cypherpunk relevance?  Its wrong to demand authentication when
you don't care.  Airports, bars, 'anonymous' FTP servers and the like
should all take the level of authentication they need.


| If so, your firewall (or other mechanism) is presenting an incomplete
| falsehood about the mapping between your host name and your IP address.
| Oct 24 21:19:15 all in.thttpd[20865]: warning: can't verify hostname: gethostbyname(unknown.netscape.com) failed
| Oct 24 21:19:15 all in.thttpd[20865]: refused connect from

| My server refuses connections from hosts when the IP address doesn't
| match to the host name.  This is a common method for reducing the level
| of address forgery on the Internet.  Please ask your firewall manager to
| repair the firewall so we can authenticate you.

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