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Re: Does your software?

I must disagre here and side with *gasp* FC.
If your so called *secure* server happens to get broken into by grace of 
god, you want to know at least where the attack came from. If Netscape
wants to hide internet hostnames they would to well setting up to DNS 
servers, one for internal resolutions where IPs resolve to their real 
hostname, and one in front of the firewall that resolves all IP's to 

Aleph One / [email protected]
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On Wed, 25 Oct 1995, Adam Shostack wrote:

> 	This is a failure in the (TCP wrappers?) that should be
> reconfigured.
> 	Since the service you are providing is available without any
> authentication, there is no reason to match hostnames to IPs with a
> double reverse lookup.
> 	Since your server is secure, what does it really matter where
> the connections are coming from?  If netscape chooses to hide host
> information, they should be allowed to.
> 	Cypherpunk relevance?  Its wrong to demand authentication when
> you don't care.  Airports, bars, 'anonymous' FTP servers and the like
> should all take the level of authentication they need.
> Adam