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Re: Hack DigiCash: Payee Anonymity

	As if that would help. I wrote on Monday and have received no
response. (I asked about the pricing structure and the difference
between merchant and non-merchant accounts.)

	Has anyone received a reply from ftrotter?

> >This is for a "WorldCurrency Access Interest Account", which I don't
> >think is what is used for ecash.  For ecash the account opening fee is
> >$11 and the per-month fee is $5.  I don't see any reference to required
> >account minimums.
> Aha.  That's where I got the $11 figure from.  I suppose I should
> try actually _reading_ all the fine print :)
> IANAL, but then I never claimed to be.
> I'll be writing to Mark Twain's contact ("[email protected]")
> and try to figure out just what the deal is.
> Dave
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