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Re: Quick commercial package question

At 11:05 AM 10/25/95, Leonard Rosenthol wrote:

>At 10:57 PM 10/24/95, Marshall Clow wrote:
>>>        http://www.uccs.edu/~abusby/mac_u-g/RemoveIt.sit.bin


>        If you know the person who wrote or posted the information, please
>feel free to forward my message along to him.

        I don't know the person, but I posted your note--and, BTW, thanks
for responding--to alt.hackintosh, where the above web page proffering this
pseudo-crack is regularly mentioned; I know that "abusby" monitors the
group (and maintains a big hacking BBS), so hopefully he'll pull the crack
from circulation.

Cheers. And thanks, also, for all of your very excellent work.