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Re: [ADMIN] Re: Welcome to cypherpunks

> beginning to suspect that some bozo has subscribed the c-punx list to the 
> c-punx list.  A curse upon them and for good measure, a recurse upon them.
Cc: `

It's true, for a period of about 45 minutes today, someone subscribed
the Cypherpunks list to itself.  This resulted in a small number of
looped messages.

Also in today's bogus news, a rather testy newbie, Arthur Germain,
subscribed at 8AM Tuesday.  He had unsubscribed by 3PM Tuesday, but
when he got another twenty or thirty messages (that had been sent to
cypherpunks while he was a subscriber, but which hadn't reached him
yet), he forwarded each of them back to the mailing list.  You may or
may not have seen some of these; I killed off further distribution.

	John Gilmore
	assistant in charge of burping Majordomo